At RIDER™ Holsters we use a variety of different components and manufacturing techniques that we have found through five years of testing to give us a quality product. Our holsters are a new kind of hybrid, completely protecting your gun while keeping the holster small, thin and comfortable. All of our holsters are CAD designed and CNC machined of 100% USA materials to create a perfect fit. Each holsters must pass retention tests with real firearms and an in depth inspection before it is shipped to your door.


Our new hybrid holster completely protects your body from your handgun. Full handgun coverage is a must when concealing stippled or textured grips. The pannel is made of Horween leather a  premium USA product.  We cut our hybrid holsters from premium cow sides that have been tanned with a 100% natural vegetable tanning process. All of our holsters are hand stitched and finished with an Italian leather treatment to insure the end user the best quality leather.


We have chosen to use ULTI-CLIP™ on our line of hybrid holsters due to its sheer versatility and concealability. The clip itself can attach to your pants, shorts, belt or pockets inside your purse and backpack. The ability to attach to the fabric of your pants and have the belt wrap around it gives you a virtually invisible holster mounting system. We at RIDER™ Holsters modify the ULTI-CLIP™ to meet our specific holster requirements including adjustable mounting angles.


The hardware that we use throughout the holster is all high quality stainless steel. The moisture from your body will not rust our stainless hardware, thereby increasing the life of your holster. We also use a thread blocker compound to keep our hardware from working loose and weakening the retention of your holster.


Handguns have a vast variety of iron sight options ranging in size. We have created an extra tall sight channel to allow for all iron sight to fit properly. Our sight channel also features squared edges to keep good retention while having the tall sight channel.

We use .080” and .093” thickness KYDEX™ to insure a tough but flexible holster design. Our holsters retention can be easily adjusted by either tightening or loosening the two stainless steel screws at the tip of the holster. Having the ability to adjust your handgun retention is a must when carrying in different situations with different clothing options.

Ascent 2.0 with Ulti Clip XL

    Rider Holsters Ulti clip iwb edc adventure holster